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   2- Source-code of Existence

   3- The Mind of Consciousness


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- The Source-code of Existence-

The Source-code of Existence has been formed from the book The Mind of Consciousness, which was written in an academic format. This book contains all essential elements of the academic version but written in an easy to read uncomplicated format, requiring no special or advanced knowledge in order to appreciate and assimilate its content. This book has 130 pages.

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- The Source-code of Existence-

- Introduction
1- In the Beginning
- (1) Seeing with logic
- (2) The beginning
- (3) Separating the firmaments

2- The Absolute to the Relative
- (1) Separation of consciousness/mind
- (2) Human and animal consciousness
- (3) The transforming power of free will

3- Personal Existence
- (1) Formation of the 'I' pattern
   - (a) The volitional knower
   - (b) The volitional thinker
   - (c) The'I' and the free-floating 'am'
- (2) The Shadow-world
  - (a) The deception/deceit pattern
  - (b) The beasts - Book of Revelations
  - (c) Darkness obliterating the shadow
  - (d) Diagram of the shadow-world

4- Primary and Secondary Reality
- (1) The shift from a primary reality to a    secondary reality
- (2) The spirit energies of the primary 'I   am' reality
    (i) 'attachment' (ii) 'feeling' (iii) 'trust'     (iv) 'reliance
- (3) Diag. construction of a human entity
- (4) The 'forces' of the secondary 'I am     this or that' reality
   (i) desire (ii) emotion (iii) belief (iv) trust
- (5) Relationship of the realities
  - (a) Self-created and self-existent 'trust'
  - (b) Overview
  - (c) Diagram of primary energies and     secondary 'forces
  - (d) Difference between primary and     secondary reality
  - (e) Diagram of the two realities
- (6) Hooks, baits, the 4 Ds, slippery-slide,     and 'helpers'
  - (a) Hooks and baits
  - (b) The 4 D' and the slippery-slide
  - (c) The 'helpers'

5- 'Substance' of consciousness
- (1) Making 'things' move
  - (a) Various 'entities' of pure  knower
  - (b) Duality - 'the bridge of duality'
      (i) The form of duality
     (ii) Restriction and non-restriction
     (iii) Duality integration of     restriction/non-restriction
  - (c) Dualities - individual substance
     (i) Free will and predetermination
    (ii) Universal and Individual      predetermination
- (2) Spirit gravity circuits and patterns
   - (a) How they work
   - (b) A spirit-umbilical cord
   - (c) Reflectivity

6- Experiential Identity
- (1) The inside of the outside
   - (a) Light of Absolute Consciousness
   - (b) The resolution energy
   - (c) The inner-eye and inner-voice
     (i) The inner-eye
    (ii) The inner-voice
- (2) Awareness training
   - (a) The exercise
     (i) Part 1 - 'the breath'
     (ii) Part 2 - 'awareness'
   - (b) Value of awareness training
- (3) Referencing
- (4) Escape secondary reality entrapment
   - (a) Escaping controlling mind 'objects'      and their 'forces'
   - (b) Liberation or enlightenment
- (5) The silent-voice within
  - (a) The 'image' of That-sense-of     Presence
   - (b) Listening to the silent voice
   - (c) Discovery of a greater Presence
- (6) The journeyless-journey
   - (a) The opportunity
   - (b) The final determination

7- Thought without Borders
- (1) Our commonality
- (2) Testing moments
- (3) Life preceding death and death   preceding life
- (4) A blank canvas


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- The Source-code of Existence-

There are many who speak or write of the beginning of your journey and/or its end, but few speak or write about its middle, and the middle is where all the work lies. This book exposes that middle providing the tools to reach the end, which is discovered to be a beginning. It unveils and explores all the various components of consciousness and mind, and written in an easy to understand format. The exploration reveals 'how' and 'why' those components are formed, function, and interrelate, exposing what that interrelating creates. It is divided into two large sections: experiential or resolution psychology and experiential philosophy and is created out of the book The Mind of Consciousness. Both facets of your existence, experiential psychology and experiential philosophy, are essential to know and understand as knowing one without knowing the other can establish a subtle form of isolation, potentially breeding minor and major forms of self-righteous self-aggrandizement (ego) that others easily perceive but is difficult for the perpetrator to recognize.

Most enjoy reading the experiential psychology sections as it pertains to their everyday life. It unveils the 'why' of both the trivial and distressing problems that perpetually haunt humanity, revealing 'how' to overcome or prevent them from occurring. However, most also like to disregard the experiential philosophy section as it appears 'intellectually-philosophical' and not necessary to know, but it is just as important as the experiential psychology sections, as it is experiential, meaning, it can be experienced. The experience validates and affirms the experiential psychology sections, providing an unshakable foundation to use and rely upon in daily life. Without that foundation, no matter how worldly smart or intelligent you are, you will discover there will always be a sense of incompleteness as if something is missing in your life. The incompleteness will haunt your existence in endless forms, and is referred to by many names, but is rarely recognized or acknowledged as a lack of an experiential connection to the Source-of-Existence. The book, The Source-code of Existence provides experiential pathways to remedy that deficiency. Using those pathways is your decision and no one anywhere can make that decision for you. You either do or do not. There is no in-between.

The experiential psychology sections reveal how your self-created thought-forms control you without you being aware of that subliminal control, creating insight into conflict resolution, behavioral patterns, and human relations. It delineates methods to discover an internal freedom, or liberation, free from those controlling thought-form borders, expressed as duality integration or the middle-way. Experience that freedom just once and your life takes a new direction that is experientially grounded and directionally secure.

To understand the experiential psychology sections, the book begins with experiential philosophy, for without that you will have no Absolute reference to comprehend the unfolding psychology of your life. Experiential knowing is essential to your life and that knowing begins by logically understanding origins. Without a logical origin reference for Absolutes, the relative (you) have no reason-to-be: the isolated insecurity that deficiency creates is causation for a good percentage of personal problems. By appreciating origins, you intellectually realize the indestructibility of consciousness as ageless, genderless, and motionless, which is unveiling your non-biological essence as the foundation of your existence. The experiential psychology sections then unveil the directionally correct use of your biological 'tools' (brain/mind - intellect/memory/intuition/imagination - 'thought') to experience and confirm the experiential logic of that foundation.

Intellectually understanding the interconnectivity of non-biological consciousness with the biological brain/mind prepares you for an experiential-non-experience that reveals your 'reason-to-be', 'who-you-are' and/or 'why-you-are-here' and it occurs in a nanosecond. This experiential-non-experience confirms both the experiential philosophy and experiential psychology sections and changes your life forever, revealing an internal surety that is subjectively indisputable by discovering an innate purpose and direction embedded within non-biological consciousness. The objective world does not change, but how you now perceive it, does.

The value of reading and using the various pathways outlined in The Source-code of Existence is gradually acknowledged as it progressively unveils an experiential foundation for existence that is useable in daily life. Processes are evolved to create an experiential pathway providing you with the opportunity to connect to the Source-of-Existence. Without that connection, doubt will constantly plague your life, creating unnecessary and sometimes unsolvable problems. As well, you learn to see into the depth of most conversations and know where they are going before they get there, providing you with the unique opportunity of short-circuiting any potential problems and issues before they arise.

The book works through all the major questions of existence, using reproducible and experiential logic, allowing everyone to experience the results of that exploration. It also provides numerous avenues to evaluate causation for all anxieties, fears, and violent patterns by revealing 'how' and 'why' individual self-created, or adopted, restrictive borders of learning are created and maintained. As well, the exploration of the interconnectivity of consciousness and mind reveals a self-created shadow-world that controls by its innate darkness, seducing you into accepting, believing, and even trusting the darkness as 'light'. It is a self-created illusion controlled by its own deceit, making it a delusion and generally, that delusion is accepted as normal. That apparent normalcy is a world governed by self-interest and controlled by all the various disguises the self-interest takes, which goes nowhere but back onto to itself, establishing a cyclic entrapment with no obvious way off that merry-go-round. This is entrapment in a self-created shadow-world and The Source-code of Existence provides various pathways to 'bypass' that subliminal imprisonment.

Knowing how the moving mind establishes the shadow-world, to control you without you being aware of that control, is the essence of this book. The knowing provides tools to overcome that control, freeing yourself, which is liberation or enlightenment as your self-created burden has been jettisoned. The shadow-world has created such a heavy camouflage that you have unknowingly taken the unreal as real and dismiss the real as imaginary. The intent of this book is to reverse that 'great deception' by providing you with the tools to self-discover the 'living' essence of creation within yourself, and not outside yourself. That discovery establishes a personal connection to the Source-of-Creation that no one can ever destroy. It unveils a directional certainty that is usable within daily life as it provides a foundation for it, making a more secure, happy, and enjoyable existence, as the self-created shadow that controlled your life is gone. When the delusion is gone, so is the illusion that your existence is temporary, releasing you from a self-created burden, resulting in a freedom that must be experienced to be appreciated.

Life is a journeyless-journey as you have it all from the very beginning, but you may have difficulty accepting that reality until the self-created shadow is exposed as what you are not, revealing what and who you are. By learning to observe the moving mind upon non-moving consciousness, experiential information arises of its own accord, and that information is used to define your existence in relation to the Source-of-Existence. This is learning to experientially 'touch' what cannot be physically 'touched'. That experience moves you out of intellectual knowledge and into experiential knowing, which positively changes the landscape of your life. The tools for that experience, you already have, you simply have to know how to use them correctly.

This book, The Source-code of Existence, outlines those tools. Using them is your responsibility and that responsibility is rarely appreciated as an opportunity. If you reject the opportunity, it is similar to being given a gift that you refuse to open, preventing the opportunity from exposing what is contained within itself. Meaning, by not appreciating or knowing the correct use of those tools, you can unknowingly self-create a blockage, potentially barring you from seeing into the depth and breadth of your existence, which can indirectly block a personal connection to the Source of that existence. No one can open that gift for you. It is your responsibility and opportunity that you either do or do not. Enjoy the challenge the opportunity produces, which is revealed by opening the gift, and similar to any gift, what is discovered 'within' is a delightful surprise.

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