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                  The Booklet
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As   stated   in   on   the   home   page   the   following   booklet,   Is   there   a   God? ,   is   a   free download.   It   explains   the   central   core   of   all   the   books   by   delineating   ‘who   you   are’     as   opposed   to   ‘what   you   are’.      It   provides   insight   into   the   experiential   content   and direction of the books. The booklet has 30 pages.  The Booklet is Free to Share - ‘No Copyright’- - The following content page provides an overview of the booklet - (download is available following the content page) * * * * * * *
Is There a God? – or – Why Am I Here?  The intent behind the books, and essays, is  to support the non-material evolution of individuals by learning how consciousness ‘sees’ and ‘knows’ what the mind stores and creates. This intellectual understanding unveils the non-materiality of consciousness giving the reader the ability to recognize how the mind establishes controlling subliminal patterns that control him or her without them being aware of that control. Table of Contents             Content          Page 1-Introduction 3 2-Referencing 5 3-The Separation of Mind and Consciousness 7 (1)-Experiential process # 1    7 (2)-The two components of consciousness 7 (3)-An example demonstrating that the separation 9 (4)-Differentiating between consciousness and the mind 9 4- Non-material logic 11 (1)-Experiential process # 2 12 (2)-Light within the darkness 13 (3)-Nature of The-Good 16 5- Transition from Non-material to Material 16 (1)-The independent ‘I’ 17 (2)-The primary reality and its spirit energies 18 (i) attachment (ii) feeling (iii) trust (iv) reliance    18,19 (3)-The secondary reality and its ‘forces’ 19 (i) desire (ii) emotion  (iii) belief (iv) trust    19,21 (4)-What the secondary reality ‘forces’ create 21 6- The Shadow-world 23 (1)-How the shadow-world arises 23 (2)-Direction in life 24 7- In Conclusion 25 (1)-Myopic vision 26 (2)-Example of mind ‘object’ removal 27 (3)- In closing 27 (4)- Additional Notes 29
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The Booklet The Booklet