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opens   doors   to   reveal   an   empirical   foundation   for   living   that   is   available   to   everyone.   In brief, the message of Jesus is examined as it was given. The   main   objective   of   Experiential   Christianity    is   to   illuminate   the   experiential   arm   of Christianity,   and   by   doing   so   redefine   its   devotional   arm.   The   devotional   arm   may   guide but   it   takes   the   experiential   arm   to   confirm.   By   its   nature,   experiential   Christianity   can bypass   religious   borders   as   it   is   not   a   dogma,   theology,   or   a   belief,   but   a   state   of experiential   being.   Hence,   can   connect   with,   and   be   beneficial   to,   everyone   regardless of his or her religious affiliation.                                                                                                                    (Experiential Christianity has 448 pages )                                            1- Paperback costs $35.00 Australian plus shipping                                 2- E-book in PDF format costs $15.00 Australian * * *
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   A   personal   connection   to   the   Source-of-Existence   is   not   hiding.   You   are   born   with   all the   necessary   tools   to   construct   that   connection.   However,   you   may   never   have   been afforded   the   learning   opportunity   to   know   how   to   use   those   tools   appropriately.   The intent   of   this   book   is   to   demonstrate   their   correct   use,   and   provide   a   map,   giving   the location of where to initiate your search.                                                                                                       (The Source-code of Existence has 130 pages)                                      1- Paperback costs $20.00 Australian plus shipping                                  2- E-book in PDF format costs $10.00 Australian * * * 
mind,   establishing   an   intellectual   foundation   to   reference.   As   well,   it   provides   practical process   to   experience   that   foundation.   It   is   blueprint   to   make   personal   what   some claim   as   impossible   as   you   can   learn   to   'touch'   what   cannot   be   physically   'touched', directionally filling the 'something missing' space that may exist in your life. The    Mind    of    Consciousness    provides    all    the    tools    necessary    to    define    your existence.   What   you   do   with   that   definition   is   a   personal   decision.   The   book   provides an   experientially   discoverable   direction   impersonally   embedded   within   consciousness. All   you   have   to   do   is   make   it   personal,   which   is   the   definition.   If   you   do   not   allow   the fast   foods   of   belief   and   constructs   to   provide   superficial   nourishment   but   discover   true sustenance    within    experiential    knowing,    your    spiritual    health    and    well-being    is assured.    Most    important    of    all,    you    know    it    is    assured,    filling    the    once    internal 'dissatisfied   void'   with   directional   confidence   and   experiential   knowledge   that   no   one anywhere   can   ever   dislodge.   You   are   home   and   that   home   now   has   an   experiential direction and clearly defined purpose.                                                                                                                                            (The Mind of Consciousness has 554 pages)                                1- Paperback costs $39.00 Australian plus shipping                            2- E-book in PDF format costs $15.00 Australian * * * 

- Quick Overview of the books -

The   Mind   of   Consciousness    was   the   first   book   in   a   series   of   three,   and   designed   for   an   academic readership.   The   Source-code   of   Existence   is   a   condensed   summary   of   all   the   elements   from   the   Mind   of   Consciousness ,   but   in   an   easier   to   read   format.   The   third   book   in   the   series,   Experiential Christianity,    uses   the   Source-code   of   Existence   as   a   foundation   to   expose   the   experiential   arm   of Christianity    before    that    terminology    existed,    by    using    the    ignored    Gospel    of    Thomas    as    a reference.      - The Books -                                                   The (Read More) button opens in a PDF formate - PDF reader is a free on-line download
            Experiential Christianity  When   the   teaching   stories   and   parables   of   Jesus   were   first   spoken there   were   no   Christian   beliefs   and   constructs   to   evaluate   them. Thus,    this    book    analytically    re-examines    those    teaching    stories and   parables   as   they   were   initially   presented,   free   of   developed constructs    and    beliefs,    to    demonstrate    their    experiential    intent. This   re-examination   unveils   a   covert   direction   within   those   stories and parables that is concealed in full view. Unveiling that direction
          The Source-Code of Existence The   Source-code   of   Existence    is   an   experiential   journey   into   the   core of    your    existence.    It    is    written    in    an    easy    to    read    uncomplicated format,   requiring   no   special   knowledge   to   understand   and   assimilate its   content.   Its   focus   is   to   delineate   how   the   answers   to   the   following questions   are   arrived   at.   Does   a   non-material   entity,   referred   to   as God,   exist?   Yes.   Is   it   possible   to   logically   confirm   that   assertion?   Yes. Is a personal connection to that entity possible? Absolutely.
  The Mind of Consciousness The   Mind   of   Consciousness    is   a   book   that   logically   demonstrates   it is   consciousness   that   contains   the   potential   to   survive   physical death   and   your   self-created   mind   is   what   actualizes   that   potential   or negates     it.     The     experiential     processes     outlined     in     the     book demonstrate   the   interconnectivity   of   consciousness   and   mind   to reveal    an    empirical    foundation    for    existence.    It    experientially defines all the elements of non-moving consciousness and moving
A free booklet titled, Is there a God?,explains the central core of all the books by delineating ‘who you are’  as opposed to  ‘what you are’.  It provides insight into the  experiential content and direction of the books. The booklet has 30 pages.  The Booklet is Free to Share - ‘No Copyright’- Use ‘Booklet’ button to download
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